TM3-R Thermostatic mixer control w/ Grundfos UPM3

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TM3-R Thermostatic mixer control w/ Grundfos UPM3

A compact prefabricated pack designed to thermostatically control the temperature of water within an underfloor heating system. The kit includes the thermostatic mixing valve, an ERP rated 7 metre circulating pump, and a flow manifold connection tee piece which includes a ?” FBSP tapping that can be used for reading temperatures and pressures or as a connection point for the UFH Overheat Thermostat.

Features and Benefits

The TM3-R is designed for Underfloor Heating. The mixing valve on the TM3-R is adjustable between 20° – 65°C which complies with the requirement of BS1264-4 2009 for initial warm up temperatures of between 20° – 25°C and a locking pin to set maximum blend temperature.

The TM3-R has an additional probe pocket for an optional over temperature device to be installed. A throttle to increase the Kv of the mixing valve for larger systems.

A built in non-return valve above the circulation pump to prevent back filling during the system fill and also reduces water loss if the circulation pump needs to be removed for maintenance. Includes a temperature gauge measuring the mixed flow temperature, manual air vent and bracket to support the weight of the pump.

A new ErP 2015 compliant Grundfos UPM3 Auto 7m circulation pump is fitted as standard, with 3 control modes and a double de-blocking system.


Primary circuit max temperature 90°C
Maximum operating pressure 10 bar
210mm centres. Includes 1” M Manifold connections with O-ring seals
Primary circuit ΔP 1 bar
Secondary control range 20° – 65°C
Heating capacity (ΔT 7°C, ΔP available 0.25 bar) G1”
Thermostatic regulation 10 kW by-pass pos. 0
Thermostatic regulation 12.5 kW by-pass pos. 5
Mixing valve pressure drop Kv 3
Pressure drop with open bypass valve Kvmax 4.8
Thermometer scale 0° – 80°C
Mixing unit inlet thread G 1” F
Connection thread G 1” M
Circulator connections: pipe union 1” ½ – takeoffs 130mm